Saturday May 16th

It’s grey, and chilly, and we’re still in lockdown and I’m in my shed looking at the progress P has made in the garden by planting, replanting and generally tidying up. “ I wish I’d got into gardening years ago” he said, finally acknowledging the pleasure to be had in the country’s favourite pastime, or is that fishing? I honestly don’t know. We are fortunate in that we are both able to find lots of things to do which don’t involve switching on the TV. I have found, so far, the whole experience has been conducive to making and doing. I am now almost finished a dolls’ /pets’/ grandchild’s quilt just big enough to complete without tiring of all those hand stitched hexagons

Small raised bed with several Heuchera in different colours and which never fail to impress.
Brilliant yellow Osteospermum
Quilt for Marnie, or Marnie’s toys.

Time consuming but therapeutic and such a joy to see the project grow. I still
have a Durham quilt made by my grandma, momma as she was known to me. I have happy memories of watching her and my mother mat making with the hessian base stretched over a frame which was often balanced on chair backs plus table or whatever was available. I often sat under it resisting the temptation to pull on the woollen strips often cut from old clothing which were used as the yarn . I believe that many examples of these crafts are on display at Beamish Museum which is so familiar to me as an unofficial
playground. One day I will make the effort to go back to see for myself just what has changed.
Plans for a painting based upon trees have not progressed much further than she sketchbook pages where I am trying out ideas. I love trees and walking through woods and was lucky enough to have been born within access of miles of tree filled countryside. We are now about 300 miles away from those trees but still take advantage of the many within easy reach .

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